Jeffrey R.Reyes

Jeff has been in health & wellness industry for almost 7 years since 2011. And is an ACE–Certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise

Artem Rynda

Tommy has a background in psychology, philology, management and in military education. He also served in the military Special Forces in Ukraine in 2007-2012. He started his career in fitness training last 2013 up to present

Arlyn D.Ranes

She has been doing Muay Thai since 2014, part of the Philippine Muay Thai team till 2016 and is now serving as a Muay Thai instructor for student sin Muay Thai Association of the Philippines

John Erick M.Angyab

Erick has been teaching Muay Thai since 2013. He became a part of Muay Thai boran federation of the Philippines. He has lots of experience in Muay Thai as a student, in competition and as a teacher